Specialist Machines

S.B.Weston Ltd is equipped with a range of electro-hydraulic Demag plastic injection moulding machines. Our machines are NC controlled allowing precise adjustments to the manufacturing process, necessary when moulding consistent quality products. We have a range of machine sizes enabling us to react quickly to clients orders.

Specialist Staff

We have in-house designers trained in the latest CAD software. We will take your initial concept from a sketch on a piece of paper to a fully realised 3D CAD model from which 3D prototypes can be made.
Our experienced toolmaking staff have built hundreds of tools for both S.B.Weston Ltd., and numerous other clients. Using CNC milling technologies, they can work directly from CAD models, producing parts with pinpoint accuracy.
Our production staff are massively experienced setting up and optimising new mould tools for production. They will work with our toolmakers to get the full potential from your mould, noting the optimum settings during mould trial for the highest quality moulding at the fastest cycletime and so gaining maximum efficiency.
The successful running and maintenance of the tool is taken care of by our setting & maintenance team who will ensure the tool is monitored, cleaned, lubricated and generally serviced as it works through production.
We employ a team of trained machine setters who fully utilise the NC technology available on our Demag machines. Our setters are responsible for closely monitoring the performance of your mould from its initial trial right through to its final production run, making the necessary decisions and modifications to the production process to ensure that your tool runs at optimum efficiency, with the correct temperatures, speeds and pressures maintained over the production cycle.
Our team of qualified Demag technicians perform all necessary repairs and major works, whilst our setters deal with replenishing consumables such as hydraulic oils, grease and lubes.

Health & Safety

Auto-stop devices are installed on all our machines. Guarding is always present and will shut the machine down if removed or tampered with. Our staff are always trained to understand the potential dangers of the process if health & safety measures are disregarded.