Our design team can provide you with a technical drawing service using the latest CAD design software.

CAD Trained Designers

Our designers will work with you to evolve and improve your product idea aesthetically and functionally creating 3D models and detailed drawings to visualise your idea on screen.

Design For Injection Moudling

To ensure your product can be successfully transferred to a mould tool which moulds, ejects and generally performs correctly and consistently at the manufacturing stage, our design team will apply the following CAD design considerations:

    • consistent wall thicknesses throughout the design.
    • thin walls to allow consistent cooling and reduce uneven material
    • shrinkage.structures such as ribs utilised to strengthen walls.
    • ribs – half the wall thickness to avoid sinking.
    • corner and edge radii.
    • draft angles added to sides (typically up to 2 deg) – especially textured /spark eroded walls and walls higher than 1.5cm.
    • no undercuts that are impossible to remove from the mould unless absolutely necessary – undercut features nescessitate side core actions which significantly increase the complexity and cost of the mould.
    • light colours and spark eroded finishes to hide flow patterns.
    • keeping holes at least .0.75cm from edges.

Once these criteria are met we will look for a design approval from you, at which point the CAD files will be supplied to our toolmaking staff for prototyping or CAD/CAM Tooling purposes.

Design will make or break a successful product… come to the professionals.