Injection Moulding Advantages

There are many Injection Moulding Advantages over other production techniques.

  • Design Flexiblity

Our designers will work with you to create the product that you want. We have CAD trained staff and have worked with a 3D printer who can create a prototype of your product. After you are happy with the designs we offer the choice of an in house team of Tool Makers and a Tool Maker that we have worked with before in China.

  • Your product will be produced repeatedly within tolerances

Due to the production process we can replicate your product repeatedly within preset tolerances. The material is melted and then injected into the mould where it is cooled and then ejected and inspected by one of our production team before being packed for delivery.

  • Can process a wide range of materials

We can advise you, based on your requirements (such as heat/pressure tolerances) which material will be best suited to your product.  From ABS to Polypropylene and Crystal to Polyethylene we can fufil your needs.

  • Relatively low labour Costs

Depending on the complexity of your product the labour cost’s and therefore the cost per mould is much lower than other production techniques. There is little finishing needed on the majority of products, however we do offer in house finishing if it is needed.

If you are looking for a product to be made then please contact us at or call us on 01932785544 to arrange a meeting to discuss your idea.