We’re experts in the design, build, re-build or repair of injection mould tools.

UK Tooling

We support UK industry and manufacturing and so prefer to tool in house sourcing UK materials if feasable. Working in house we can design, build and repair tools quickly and efficiently. The standard and experience of our toolmaking staff and the quality of the HASCO produced component parts we use is unrivaled. With no overseas shipping involved and tools ready for a manufacturing run upon completion, a great deal of time and shipping costs can be saved over plastic injection tooling in the far east.

Chinese Tooling

We regularly work with a Chinese toolmaker who enables us to remain competitive when quoting customers on jobs requiring new tool manufacture.
They have consistently delivered precision-engineered tools, above the necessary standard of toolbuilding we would expect to get for the money.
We would always advocate our in-house toolmaking team over Chinese tool production – it allows a much more hands on toolmaking experience where the client can see all stages of the work involved and can be involved in problem solving as issues occour, but appreciate that where budget is of paramount importance, that a Chinese tool is the only option.