We produce quality, CAD designed, precision engineered plastic injection mould tools at our UK plant.

Tool Design

Whether a low cost, low run prototype mould or a high volume tool requiring robotic handling, S.B.Weston have the design and build experience required to carry out the job. We can offer either UK tooling here at our plant in Sunbury-on-Thames, or overseas tooling with our approved Chinese toolmaker, depending on which scenario best suits your project.

Computer Aided Tool Design (CAD)

We can design and manufacture plastic injection mould tools in house using the latest CAD software to produce the simplest most efficient tools possible to perform the production task required. The quality of the tool is never compromised but the cost of tool features is always considered and kept to a minimum. Our CAD designers work closely with our CAM machine operators to ensure a quick transition from design to production of your tool.

Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

CAM is the use of computer-based software which enables our toolmakers to manufacture injection mould tools from computer-aided design (CAD) program models. Its primary purpose when manufacturing your injection mould tool is to create a faster production process whilst maintaining precise dimensional tollerances. Our toolroom has full CAM tooling facilities and a specialist CNC trained engineer / machine programmer who will take a finalised component and construct a fully functioning plastic injection mould to produce it.