We provide the same service today as Selwyn Buyers Weston did back in 1948 ( SB Weston ). It is simply the technology we use to design, manufacture, monitor, maintain and streamline the injection mouding process that has evolved.

About Us

S.B.Weston Ltd. is a plastic injection moulding business offering a design and production service to clients. We also design, manufacture and distribute our own products. Our WestonBoxes have now sold over 50 million units.

Our Clients

S.B.Weston has longstanding relationships with many trade clients. We pride ourselves on the personal service that we are able to deliver, the result of which is maintained good relations with all of our customers for whom we produce millions of ‘trade’ mouldings a year.

Our History

Selwyn Weston, grandfather of current manager Reid Weston and founder of S.B.Weston Ltd. established the company’s first mould shop in Teddington, West London.
S.B.Weston Ltd. found its niche manufacturing for pharmaceutical clients – in particular ICI, manufacturing agricultural dispensing pumps of Selwyn’s design. As the plastics industry and its technologies evolved, so S.B.Weston Ltd’s collective experience grew. The company went from solely producing dispensing pumps on to combs, badges and, over the decades, a vast array of products for industries including the medical, consumer products, toys, plumbing, packaging, and construction.
Selwyn’s son Tony Weston joined the company in 1962 as did David Dodman, and upon Selwyn’s death in 1967 they took over the business and maintained its steady success over the next 30 years.
The company changed premises settling on Platts Eyot, an island on the Thames, where they survived the recession of the early 90’s and emerged with Reid Weston, Selwyn’s grandson as the managing director. One of Reid’s first moves was the implementation of the first of our WestonBoxes tools – the Business Card Box. This product has since become the company’s key trade item and the starting block for our current range of WestonBoxes.
As well as the Weston Boxes range and many other trade moulding contracts, S.B.Weston also became involved in producing vacuum formed interior modification parts for luxury cars. The parts, designed by Tony Weston, required expert design, prototyping and execution to integrate with the luxury interiors of the vehicles and due to the unit requirement often being low, vacuum forming was often used as a cheaper alternative to injection moulding.
In 2001 S.B.Weston moved off of Platts Eyot to Harris Way, Sunbury-on-Thames.
In 2009 S.B.Weston Ltd. is outgrowing its premises in Sunbury-on-Thames, running 12 NC controlled Demag machines with robotic automation implemented on many production lines.
We now manufacture our Weston Boxes through 24 hour shifts from Monday to Friday to meet demand and despite the recession have a busy design / tool building department with new clients and projects emerging frequently.