As an injection moulder S.B.Weston is aware of our Corporate responsibility regarding the impact of our manufacturing activities.


S.B.Weston has Regular inspections by the London Fire Brigade, electrical installation surveyors and government health and safety officers ensure the safety of our workplace.
All plant has safety guarding and emergency stop buttons which are tested regularly.


Where required, client products are tested and registered before production to comply with legal safely requirements.

Local Communities

We work with Spelthorne council, segregating our waste for collection.
Our plant in Sunbury-on-Thames is located on an industrial estate in a non residential area.


We strive to constantly improve our manufacturing techniques and have recently increased efficiency by introducing:

    • 24 hour production monday to friday to reduces machine start/stop times.
    • Tooling improvements on many of our long running products, to minimise wall sections. Less material used in each moulding.
    • Multi cavity tooling increases the number of products produced in one machine cycle, reducing the machine hours needed to complete a job.


The manufacturing processes we undertake are non toxic, only involving raw materials considered non-harmful with the majority of our products being manufactured from an acid free, food grade, recyclable polypropylene. We can manufacture using recycled material when the inconsistencies which ocour will not disrupt the production process. Variables such as colour, transparency and general moulding quality can be compromised.
We have the facilities on-site to recycle all the thermoform plastic scrap we produce and feed it straight back into our processes.